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Windows 7 SP1 AIO 28in1 x86 en-US Jul (2014) murphy78

本帖由 ilikebudit2014-11-23 发布。版面名称:专业软件

  1. ilikebudit

    ilikebudit 入门会员

    Windows 7 SP1 AIO 28in1 x86 en-US Jul (2014) murphy78
    Windows 7 SP1 AIO 28in1 x86 en-US Jul (2014) murphy78
    Contains Windows Updates current to Jul8-2014 patch date
    No Windows 7 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
    No Programs are added to Windows.
    No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
    No Registry Settings were modified.
    Installation Indexes:
    Windows 7 Starter / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-Activated
    Windows 7 Home Basic / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-Activated
    Windows 7 Home Premium / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-Activated
    Windows 7 Professional / N / VL SP1 / OEM / Pre / KMS-Activated
    Windows 7 Ultimate / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-Activated
    Windows 7 Enterprise / N SP1 / KMS-Activated
    Tools used:
    Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 7.0
    imagex for image compression, renaming, and export
    dism for Windows Updates integration and mounted file copy
    oscdimg for ISO mastering
    Added Info folder to Setup dir to annoy credit thieves.
    DISM /add-package (IE11 and PreReqs):
    KB2670838, KB2726535, KB2729094-v2, KB2786081, KB2834140, KB2929437
    IE-Win7.cab, IE-Hyphenation, IE-Spelling-en
    DISM /add-package (Main Updates)
    DISM /add-package (2nd Pass) Updates:
    KB2830477, KB2857650, KB2923545, KB2965788
    DISM /add-package (IE11 Update)
    DISM /add-package (7.6.7600.256 Windows Update - Self-Update)
    WUClient-ActiveX, WUClient-Aux-TopLevel, WUClient-Core-TopLevel
    OOBE.cmd phase:
    If OEM-Activated index, will load custom graphics logos and backgrounds
    based on the motherboard manufacturer of your system. If Intel it will
    load intel graphics. You get the idea. It also attempts to set the OEM
    SetupComplete.cmd phase:
    KB2533552 (online-only update)
    Winloader and reboot if Activated index.
    -Internet Explorer 11
    -Default, KMS-Activated, OEM-Activated, and Pre-Activated indexes
    -DaRT7.0 recovery-mode options integrated into boot and winre.
    -Stopping releasing an Ultimate-only monthly version. The AIO has the exact same
    indices and is a waste of bandwidth to re-seed the same content.
    -Changed the KMS-Activated indexes to use KMS Server Service from MTK249 - Had
    a non-activation issue with previous AutoQADv6 method on this month's release.
    -Changed the WinLoader pre-activation method to use a 7z-sfx with a rar'd file
    inside using password: WinLoader-Pre-Activated-v2.2.2
    CODYQX4 - KMS Server Service activator from MTK249
    Daz - Windows Loader 2.2.2 Activator
    murphy78 - Integration, ISO design and testing
    searchengine - Multi-Brand activation OOBE folder project