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Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Actions Collection 2014

本帖由 ilikebudit2014-11-24 发布。版面名称:专业软件

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    Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Actions Collection 2014
    Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Actions Collection 2014.11 | 5.42 GB
    Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Actions Collection is a large collection of more than I can even count ready-to-use Adobe Photoshop Actions. These actions included in this collection will help you improve your digital photography and save you time while editing!
    Photoshop actions:
    - Are a series of recorded steps by the designer to help a photographer achieve a look without having to manually apply each process.
    - Allow photographers, at the click of a button, to enhance and enrich their photos in a fast and efficient way.
    - Are shortcuts for photographers. They speed up editing by automating processes.
    Adobe identifies actions by using the extension ".atn." Once the .atn file is loaded in the actions palette, as shown in this video on installing and using actions, the user selects and expands the "folder." Then after highlighting the desired action from that folder, the user clicks play and the photo runs through the series of recorded steps.
    What are the advantages of using them?
    - Speeds up workflow
    - Saves time
    - Provides the user with expertise of the action maker
    - Achieves more consistent results by using the same actions on images
    - Get a variety of looks by trying new actions
    - Makes editing more fun
    - They work cross platform, on both PC and Mac
    - Customizable - tweak-able
    - Easy to record your own steps once you have a good grasp on Photoshop
    - By looking inside the action, you can often learn how to do things yourself in Photoshop.
    How to use them?
    - Simply overwrite the included Actions in Adobe Photoshop default installation directory. And you're good to go!
    Link Download: